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Are you or your child having difficulty learning math?

At Math Made Easy, we recognize that the key to learning math is achieving a solid understanding of the fundamental concepts and applying those concepts with repeated practice. Math Made Easy has utilized this principle to help thousands of students learn math and achieve top math grades.

How Can Math Made Easy Programs Help You Learn Math?

Our math learning Dvds utilize a step-by-step approach which makes learning math easy by breaking down lessons into their basic components. Math Made Easy takes the student from the beginning of each math subject and builds the student’s learning foundation by teaching one concept at a time and reviewing previous concepts as the new ones are introduced.

Our Math Learning Dvds Feature 

  • Simplification of complex topics into easy to learn compact lessons
  • Colorful computer graphics which help students visualize abstract math concepts
  • Extensive interactive exercises that give students 'hands on practice' with a large variety of problems
  • 'real life applications' which make math 'come alive'
  • An emphasis on learning the critical underlying concepts
  • Free access to Math Made Easy Testing Site with hundreds of practice tests to measure your learning progress

Why are Math Made Easy Learning Dvds So Popular with Students?

Our math learning Dvds take nothing for granted. Even elementary concepts are reviewed and demonstrated with real life examples. Students enjoy the chance to solve problems on their own and then check to see how the problem is solved by the on screen teacher.

Who Is Behind the Development of Our Math Learning Tutorials?

Math Made Easy Dvd tutorials were developed by a team of university professors who are associated with some of the Northeast’s leading teaching universities. In fact, our calculus learning program was adopted as the official companion to the Larsen Hostetler and Edwards Calculus Textbook published by Houghton Mifflin.

What Do Educators Say About Math Made Easy?

From principals to math teachers, educators around the country have warmly received the Math Made Easy programs. What educators appreciate most about our math learning tutorials, is how easy it makes learning math through  clear and precise teaching presentation and the many real life examples it provides to help clarify difficult math concepts.

Math Made Easy Learning Dvds

  • Elementary School: Arithmetic Series  (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division)
  • Middle School:  Basic Skills Series  (Fractions, Decimals, Percents, Word Problems)
  • High School:  Pre-Algebra Series, Algebra Series, Geometry Series, Trigonometry Series
  • College:  Pre-Calculus Series, Calculus 1 Series, Calculus 2 Series, Advanced Calculus Series, Probability/Statistics Series

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Robert Altabile, Principal, Houston

"Math Made Easy dvds are like having your own math teacher with unlimited patience. You get to go over the material as many times as you need until you finally get it right. Math Made Easy is the ultimate in teaching math. I would recommend it for any student."

Joseph Hoffman, California State Department of Education

"I enthusiastically recommend Math Made Easy tutorial programs to students of all grades."

Karen Giordano, Hicksville, NY

"Since my son would not go for help in math, I decided to bring the help to him. After seeing the results of Math Made Easy with my child, I would recommend it to any parent. I would tell them, Invest in your child's future. I know it worked for me, and I'm sure it'll work for you."

Alabama Dept. of Education

"Math Made Easy is the perfect math learning tool for students who need more than one demonstration before they can fully master a math concept."

Ms. Michelle Heckman, Bowling Green State University

"Math Made Easy certainly brings out the best in our students. After students use Math Made Easy, more often than not, they tell me how much easier it is to learn math and understand it. I also notice that most of the math challenged students (the ones who always dreaded the word 'math')  have improved their grades."

Charles Woods, Parent Coordinator

"As the Parent Coordinator at PS 11 'THE HIGH BRIDGE SCHOOL', in NYC, I purchased Math Made Easy with my own personal resources and have made them available to parents of our students. They all love the visual dramatization of the dvds and have told me that MATH MADE EASY is like having a regular 'tutor' at home that is always available. These math programs augment what is happening in school, the children more readily understand, and most importantly, grades have improved."