Just from watching MATH MADE EASY my daughter learned division, totally solo. She enjoys math and to my suprise, for fun, she devises her own division problems even though they are above her grade level.
We are thrilled to have these DVDs.
- Ms. Yvonne Graham
Math Made Easy certainly brings out the best in our students. After students use Math Made Easy, more often than not, they tell me how math is so much easier to understand. I also notice that most of the math challenged students (the ones who always dreaded the word 'math') have changed their tune and improved their grades.
- MS. MICHELLE HECKMAN, Bowling Green State University
Math Made Easy is the perfect tool for students who need more than one demonstration before they can fully master a math concept.
I would not hesitate to recommend Math Made Easy tutorial programs to students in any grade.
Consultant in Math Education,
California State Department of Education
As a teacher in a parochial school, I always introduce new subjects on screen with Math Made Easy. The format makes it easy to understand and students catch on much faster. They enthusiastically interact with the on screen presentation by calling out the answers. These programs make for a much happier student.
Since my son would not go for help in math, I decided to bring the help to him. After seeing the results of Math Made Easy with my child, I would recommend it to any parent. I would tell them, Invest in your child's future. I know it worked for me, and I'm sure it'll work for you.
Math Made Easy is like having your own math teacher with unlimited patience. You get to go over the material as many times as you need until you finally get it right. Math Made Easy is the ultimate in teaching math. I would recommend it for any student.
Principal, New York City
Before I started using Math Made Easy, I would freeze before my math tests. When I got a certificate from my teacher as the "Most Improved Math Student", it made my Mom and me so proud of the investment we made. Thank you Math Made Easy!
Baltimore MD
As the Parent Coordinator at PS 11 'THE HIGH BRIDGE SCHOOL', in NYC, I purchased Math Made Easy with my own personal resources and have made them available to parents of our students. They all love the visual dramatization of the programs and have told me that MATH MADE EASY is like having a regular 'tutor' at home that is always available. These programs augment what is happening in school, the children more readily understand, and most importantly, grades have improved.
With Math Made Easy, concepts are explained in a clear and concise way so that Patrick is able to understand and apply the math skills taught. I like the diagrams that clarify the number line and the landscape to explain positive and negative numbers. Thanks to Math Made Easy, Patrick`s grades improved from B- to B+!
- Mother and Son, CATHERINE AND PATRICK, Hong Kong
Program helped my 3 grandchildren greatly when they were attending HS. They are all in college pursuing various careers, one of them in the pre-med field. They are all doing well at this point in college.
Milwaukee, WI
I purchased Math Made Easy for my grandson who is a sophomore. He loved the program. It greatly helped him improve his math skills. Now he is getting A's and B's from failing grades.
I have 4 kids and we started using Math Made Easy in 1997 when my oldest child was in 7th grade. Today he's a nuclear engineer in the US Navy. Since then, all my kids have used the Math Made Easy programs in middle school, high school and college. All of them are top notch math students.
I am a teacher and used Math Made Easy with several of my students. It helped them greatly. This is something I would recommend to other teachers.
Byron, GA
Our son has been using the various Math Made Easy programs throughout his 3 years of high school. Thanks to Math Made Easy our son's math grades have been above average. He received an excellent score on his college qualifying exam and his well on his way to being accepted to the college of his choice.
Houston, TX