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Many students find themselves lost in this advanced high school math course. Math Made Easy helps students visualize trigonometric concepts with clear and concise teacher explanations illustrated with easy to read and dynamic graphics. Students love the easygoing style of Elaine Gay, a renowned math teacher who makes learning trigonometry easy to understand and enjoyable to view.

4 Interactive Dvds.

Trigonometry Dvd Series Features:

  • Engaging, interactive trigonometry lessons which hold your attention.
  • Simplification of complex topics by breaking them into bite-sized pieces
  • Review of lessons as many times as necessary until "it clicks"
  • Colorful graphics that help students visualize mathematical concepts

Cut Trigonometry Study Time in Half and Get Twice the Results

Provides the perfect trigonometry help tool. Excellent for review and test prep. With as little as thirty minutes per day with Math Made Easy, you'll master Trigonometry in thirty days!

This Software Covers Following Topics

  • Degree; Radian Measures of Angles; Basic Trigonometric Functions; Sine, Cosine, Tangent, Cotangent, Secant, and Cosecant.
  • Basic Trigonometric Identities, including Addition and Subtraction Formulas; Half-Angle Formulas; Double Angle Formulas; Graphs of Trigonometric Functions; Solving Trigonometric Equations.
  • Trigonometric Identities; Inverse Trigonometric Functions; Trigonometric Equations; Right Angle Applications.
  • Law of Sines and Cosines; Applications; Polar Coordinates; DeMoivre's Theorem.
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Steve Baker,Indiana

"In October, Brian was failing his trigonometry class After 8 weeks with Math Made Easy Dvds, Brian's grades have improved to A's and B's. Thank you Math Made Easy."

Joseph Hoffman, California State Department of Education

"I enthusiastically recommend Math Made Easy tutorial programs to students of all grades."

Karen Giordano, Hicksville, NY

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