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Theresa L, Parent, Winston Salem May, 2011

"Thanks to Anne, our tutor at Math Made Easy, Stephen made a 4 out of 4 (mastery level) on his end of year algebra exam. His confidence in algebra has improved so much since he began his tutoring lessons with Math Made Easy. Thanks for all you have done to contribute to his mastery of Algebra and the encouragement you offer to us."

Debra Moran, Parent, California

"I have used Math Made Easy to tutor my 3 children, elementary and high school. I can schedule lessons easily and the tutors are friendly and professional. It`s been a great help."

Jared Carter, Chicago High School Student

"Math Made Easy tutoring is really neat. Great tutors and really flexible scheduling. I`ve used it the night before my exam to help me prepare. It literally saved my neck! "

Pam Houser, Parent, Indiana

“Eddie has improved from a D to an A average since he started with Math Made Easy in November 2009” Eddie's overall well being and attitude to learning have significantly improved as a result of the confidence derived from the tutoring sessions.”

Elizabeth Vogle, Parent, Washington

“Justin was part of a team that won 2nd place in her schools math contest. After working with Ruby, his tutor at Math Made Easy she was pulled from her regular math class and is now attending an advanced math class.”

Mary Bartee, Parent, Alabama

"I would just like to say what a wonderful job that Anne and Math Made Easy are doing tutoring our son. His grades and confidence have come a long way. You have been a great help and such a good inspirational person to him. So glad we got you to help him!”